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 Limited Edition Cycling - Club Cyclocross Race

Saturday 8th March 2014 






Age Group

Race 1 –  Under 10’s

1st – Maia Dowler

2nd – Sebastian Welch

3rd – Eleanor Haddock

1st – Maia Dowler

2nd – Sebastian Welch

3rd – Eleanor Haddock

Race 2 – Under 12’s and Under  14’s

1st – Charlie Clarkstone

2nd – Jack Dowler

3rd – Erik Suvaryan

4th – Jean Sammut

5th – Thomas Kuit

6th – Niamh Linehan

7th – George Knowles-Bacon

8th – Daniel Haddock

9th – Joshua Baker

10th – Katie Clarkstone

11th – Matthew Brooker

Under 12’s

1st – Jack Dowler

2nd – Jean Sammut

3rd – Thomas Kuit

4th – Niamh Linehan – 1st Girl

5th – Katie Clarkstone

6th - Matthew Brooker


Under 14’s

1st – Charlie Clarkstone

2nd – Erik Suvaryan

3rd – George Knowles-Bacon

4th – Daniel Haddock

5th – Joshua Baker



Race 3 – Adults and Under 16’s

1st – Ollie Golding

2nd – Jack Dowler

3rd – Sebastian Welch

4th – Anthony Clarkstone

5th – Neil Robertson

6th – Phil Clarkstone








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Limited Edition Cycling Club is a cycling club aimed at cyclist of all levels  

In the Greenwich and Bexley area  

We meet at: Eltham Park South Cafe, Glenesk Road, Eltham, SE9 1JB  

For more information or to register an interest please email: