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Well done to those who raced yesterday. You did us proud!
How do you think we should split the teams and keep the points?

Older and younger together, Kids Club only, Junior Team only? How many teams? Who should be team leaders?

Let me know what you think.
Well done, Adam, you did great!
I had a great time racing today with my friends at Go Ride and we also got to see the pros zoom by!!
Tour of Britain Go-Ride Races:

Eight youngsters represented Team LEC in the Tour of Britain Go-Ride Races today, Maia, Jack, Katie C, Jean, Maddie C, Matt B, Adam and Sebastian, with Charlie as Team Support.

They went up against 10 other clubs to race on a small circuit on Victoria Embankment, alongside the Tour of Britain time trial.

There were some great rides, with a real team battle among Jack and Adam who raced wheel to wheel for their entire final race, only being seperated at the finish line by half a wheel!

They all did well in their individual heats and with Jean getting through to Final A, Jack and Adam Final B, Katie and Matthew Final C, Maia and Sebastian Final D and Maddie Final E.

Overall placings were 15th, 28th, 29th, 55th, 58th, 74th, 78th and 95th out of 100 riders. The Team came 9th position (against clubs that have velodromes and closed circuits to train on several times a week!)

As ever, their behaviour and team spirit was second to none. Well done team!!

And a big thank you to all the parent support!
Should we call the higher end Junior Team:
a. Junior Event Team
b. Junior Elite Team
c. Junior Extra Team

All shortened to JET's?
i think we should.
do you think that we should have rider of the week ?
Well done Kate! How you getting on?
just started cleats :)
well done charlie for winning the aim high competition,look forward to seeing you on tv
Well done Jack for the adults race. Where did you come? ._.
Which bike you going on Josh? Road or mountain?
Going on bike tomorrow . Can't wait?
Needs some tidying up Charlie, but it's all from your session yesterday!
I love the new website design :)
Well done Kate, will sort out Skype this evening!
Just about to go on the turbo trainer. :)
The website is getting on really well and most of the junior team helped-what do you think of it?! :)
it is cool that we have a junior blog ._.
Having Fun building this website. :)